at home and professional teeth whitening performed at the surgery

Teeth whitening

Everything you would like to know about the different methods.

at home and professional teeth whitening performed at the surgery

Teeth whitening

Everything you would like to know about the different methods.

During teeth whitening our goal is to neutralise the molecules causing the discolouration of teeth and to achieve a colour that is way brighter than the original colour of the teeth. The discolouration of teeth can be caused by numerous external and internal factors, for example smoking, coffee and tea consumption, or taking certain medications. At the same time tartar itself also discolours the surface of the teeth and with the passing of time our teeth may naturally become darker toned as well.

These days there are quite a few methods for whitening teeth but a feature most procedures share is that teeth whitening gels of different formulas are applied to the surface of the teeth triggering an oxidative chemical reaction during which the molecules causing the discolouration of teeth are neutralised.

Professional materials

The safe application of professional materials requires great expertise, therefore it is extremely important that teeth whitening be done by a highly skilled professional who can control the procedure. This way the damaging of the enamel and teeth can be avoided as well as further side effects.

In the HermannOrtho surgery it is exclusively our highly skilled, experienced dental hygiene experts who perform teeth whitening with the highest quality and safest teeth whitening systems!

In- office (performed at the surgery) Beyond® teeth whitening

If we would like to achieve instant and really spectacular results while taking care of the integrity of our teeth, it is absolutely worthwhile to choose the in-office teeth whitening.

Beyond® is one of the most modern teeth whitening techniques which not only neutralises the molecules causing the discolouration on the surface of the teeth but also in the deeper layers. Its unique characteristic is that during the treatment we apply a so-called cold-light therapy lamp thus avoiding the production of heat that might cause the inflammation of the internal tissues of the teeth during the chemical reaction. Meaning that Beyond® teeth whitening, as opposed to the traditional, warm-light lamp procedures, can be applied without the teeth taking damage, completely safely. It is also a great advantage that the treatment takes only 90 minutes, so altogether with the necessary preparations in only an hour it is possible to achieve a result of up to 5-7 shades brighter.

Opalescence® (at home) teeth whitening set

The Opalescence teeth whitening gel, contrary to other teeth whiteners, does not ooze out of the dental rail and thanks to its consistency it keeps the rail in place. The potassium nitrate and fluoride decrease sensitivity while strengthening enamel and hinder caries.

The 20% water content of the gel prevents the dehydration of teeth and the fading of the colour making Opalescence one of the most trustworthy teeth whitening products. Clinical studies have shown that the gel remains active for 8-10 hours, so the result of the overnight whitening becomes visible in a very short time.

How does the Opalescence® teeth whitener work?

The special teeth whitening substance affects the deeper layers of the tooth by oxidising and dissolving the micro-molecules and pigments that cause discolouration. Its great perk is that apart from teeth whitening components it also contains minerals which strengthen and cultivate enamel.

How does the at home teeth whitening play out?

To produce the customized teeth whitening rail we take an impression of the teeth, based on which we make a special, soft plastic rail in our dental laboratory. It is extremely important that the rail fit perfectly since the gel must only get in contact with the teeth, not the gums,
The whitening gel can be easily applied from the syringe into the rail which then can be simply placed on the teeth. It is most practical to wear the rails for 4-5 hours during the day.   
When handing over the rails we explain step by step the at-home use of the teeth whitener and provide the description containing the necessary information as well.

Is there anything that needs to be done before teeth whitening?

Since teeth whitening can only be performed on a clean and healthy set of teeth, a thorough dental-hygienic cleaning is recommended before the treatment.

Is there anything that needs to be done after teeth whitening?

In order to maintain the end result there are a few rules that are important to follow:

  • Avoid smoking
  • Avoid consuming colourful food/drinks in the ten days following the treatment, for example coffee, cola, tea, fruit juices, food containing tomatoes and paprika, etc.
  • Get dental hygiene treatment once or twice a year

Is teeth whitening painful?

In certain cases some sensitivity of the teeth might occur during treatment but this ends once treatment is done.

Mouth hygiene and whitening prices

Cleaning with Air- flow salt polishing: 29 000 Ft

Teeth whitening at home

1. occasion: cleaning and taking an impression: 40.000 Ft
2. occasion: handing over of the rail and the teeth-whitening material (2 syringes): 20.000 Ft

Teeth whitening at the surgery

Beyond teeth whitening: 79 000 Ft

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