Hungary’s most state-of-the art orthodontic clinic welcomes you.

Nothing is more valuable than our health. A beautiful smile is very important to us, but it doesn't matter how we achieve it. If we also treat the causes of tangled teeth, we get much more than that. In addition, the treatment is not aggressive, there is no tooth extraction, no jawbone surgery. The end result is a beautiful smile, a beautiful face, improved sleep and increased performance at work, school and sports.

Hungary’s most state-of-the art orthodontic clinic welcomes you.

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In recent years, more and more people are joining healthy lifestyle movements. Our most important value is our health, as the pandemic has shown. We have become much more sensitive to what we eat, what we drink, what we exercise, what surrounds us. Similarly, when it comes to our health, we expect a remedy to have no side effects and to be as natural as possible.

Finally, methods have appeared in orthodontics that no longer use traditional, often aggressive principles. Moreover, in health-oriented treatments, orthodontics is complemented by a series of therapeutic methods that allow for the reduction of side effects, biological treatment, and for the treatment to give much more than a beautiful smile. We are proud that the HermannOrtho practice has developed a service that is also unique internationally, with which it meets these needs. Not only do we create beautiful smiles without tooth extractions and jawbone surgery, but we also improve the health of our patients by treating the causes.

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Besides orthodontics we provide our patients dental hygiene treatment and teeth whitening.


Gleaming white regular teeth are the pillar of our self-confidence. The shortest way between two people is a beautiful smile.

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Regular professional scaling and polishing help prevent receding gums, gingivitis, periodontitis and numerous other problems.

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