I like working with people. I love my job. I am a dentist specialised in orthodontics. I like to give – not only a beautiful smile; I’m always looking at what is the most you can get out of a treatment. Orthodontics is a science. There is a whole host of procedures; the numbers of techniques, technologies and appliances available are massive. You must be familiar with the latest diagnostic procedures, their impact on health, and you must be familiar with the latest techniques to be able to decide which of them are the best suited to a particular case. I’m obsessed with seeking the latest and best methods that I can apply to the benefit of my patients.

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Professional career

First user, presenter and promoter, Dr Gábor Hermann introduced a variety of novel orthodontic technologies in Hungary. Based on his cases he became an active member of the World Society of Lingual Orthodontics (WSLO). He was the European speaker on Damon technology.

He regularly delivers presentations on changes in orthodontics at Hungarian and international forums. He introduced the modern functional paradigm as a new approach to orthodontics. He is a member of numerous international associations, societies and teams aiming to create and promote cooperation between functional orthodontics and other disciplines supporting it. He founded the Hungarian Interdisciplinary Society of Orofacial Treatments of which he is president. He developed one of the world’s leading complex training programs for swallowing, breathing and posture enhancement.

He established HermannOrtho Professional Orthodontics Clinic in 2006. His areas of specialty include self-ligating orthodontics (earlier known as Damon technology), invisible alignment, and children’s orthodontics. He is a standard-bearer of minimally invasive dentistry.

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