In-house digital lab

Our aligners and braces are made in our in-house digital lab equipped with state-of-the-art technology, so we control the entire process without the need to involve external dental labs. We make personalised appliances, having first found out about the individual needs, goals and desires of our patients. The added advantage is that as a result the duration of treatment is shorter and consequently, patients save a considerable amount of money.


Over the course of our career of 25 years we have seen thousands of cases, therefore you can rest assured that no matter how complex your problem is, we have a solution. If you so wish, we will be happy to show you ‘before and after’ photos and case studies of cases similar to yours.

Expert team

The HermannOrtho Professional Orthodontics team comprises dedicated and recognised professionals who believe in common achievements. The work of dentists is supported by our excellent dental hygienist, patient coordinator, and if necessary, speech therapists and physiotherapists, as functional treatments can only be successful with the coordinated effort of multiple specialists.

Remote follow-up

If you live too far or are too busy, you may benefit from our online remote follow-up and consultation. This can be an important consideration for your comfort as you can save a significant amount of time and money if you don’t have to come to the surgery for a follow-up visit each time.

Transparent pricing

We give a fair and accurate price quote, which helps your financial planning for the entire duration of the treatment. No small prints – you needn’t be afraid of hidden costs.


Wearing braces can feel funny and uncomfortable at first, occasionally even painful. We provide our patients Safe Laser for home use so that they can manage the initial discomfort that may be associated with braces.

Superior cleanliness

We pay special attention to keeping our surgeries, waiting room and toilet facilities immaculate at all times because we believe that efficient work is only possible in an immaculate environment. Cleanliness is half health.

Dr Gábor Hermann

Dr Gábor Hermann’s name is known worldwide as he is a regular speaker at professional conferences. He is an acclaimed pioneer of new orthodontic technologies in Hungary, and known as a missionary of minimally invasive orthodontics in and outside his native country.


Dr. Gábor Hermann
 Krisztina Szeiler-Magyar
Hanna Boglárka Schuszter
Special education teacher, logopedist
Ildikó Czakó
Anita Király
Office manager
Kata Hódi
Patient coordinator
Mariann Mohácsi
Dental hygienist
Kitti Oláh
Dental technician
Magdolna Hurta
Dental technician

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