Sports dentistry performance assessment and performance enhancement

Enhancing sports performance effectively

Bite is the secret area of sporting performance. Why do all Italian elite football clubs have a dentist? What does motorcycle racer Valentino Rossi and many Italian skiers, cyclists and rowers wear during a race?

Sports dentistry performance assessment and performance enhancement

Enhancing sports performance effectively

Bite is the secret area of sporting performance. Why do all Italian elite football clubs have a dentist? What does motorcycle racer Valentino Rossi and many Italian skiers, cyclists and rowers wear during a race?

Hiszen az egészséges mosoly nem csak szép, hanem segít az alvásban, javítja a tanulást és a közérzetet. Az egészséges mosoly esélyt ad a gyermekünknek, hogy mindent kihozzon magából. 

The role of teeth and body balance

When we exert force, we clench our teeth. Each time we swallow, the teeth close for a moment. We almost don’t notice them, yet these moments are extremely important for the body. The teeth are not only involved in chewing, but also in supporting the body’s balance. In other words, if our bite is inadequate, it cannot give the body the support it needs. It is therefore important for an athlete to address this area.

  • If you gnash your teeth
  • If you have had orthodontic treatment
  • If you have missing teeth
  • If you have dentures
  • If your teeth are in a mess
  • If there is a significant difference in the position of your jawbones
  • If you have asymmetry between your face and jawbones

Then it is likely that there is a loss of balance in your bite. This can often be compensated for by the body with an average amount of effort and daily performance, and does not need to be addressed in any way. However, if a high effort is required, the sport is about using the body’s full performance, the effort is very intense, then the imbalance in the bite can cause problems in sport performance or even injury.

Fortunately, today’s modern technology makes it possible to measure many things. In today’s modern sport, training plans and form timing would not work without measurements. In other words, the imbalance of the bite should only be addressed if you know it really makes sense. The purpose of sports performance testing is to make sure. Is a sports performance enhancement splint necessary and does it really improve performance? That’s what we’re looking at in our survey. Furthermore, when the sports performance enhancement splint is made, it is also measured and checked again later.

What is a sports performance enhancing track?

A temporary device that the athlete puts in his mouth during the sport. This is usually a lower splint that fits over the lower denture. If the sport requires protection against injury (sports mouthguard) then performance enhancement capability is built into it. That is, depending on the sport, it is either made to fit the lower teeth or the upper teeth.

What should a sports performance enhancement rail know?

  • Precise, fits well on teeth, does not fall out
  • Discreet, not particularly visible (of course, this does not apply to sports mouthguards, which are mostly visible)
  • The athlete can communicate well with it (sports mouthguards are thicker, a bit harder to talk to than general performance enhancement trays on lower teeth)
  • Durable. 12 months warranty on the devices (unless dental work is done in the meantime)
    Provides a measurable improvement in performance

What technology is used to make sports performance enhancement appliance?

Medical biotechnology has come a long way in recent years. Instruments that were previously only available in the laboratory have become much more precise and smaller. For sports dentistry, EMG (electromyography) is the main tool used to measure the activity of the muscles of mastication. This gives the possibility to compare either muscle groups or the two sides. We can determine the amount of chewing force and how it is distributed over the teeth. This measurement can then be taken into account in the targeted bite adjustment. Biotechnology also allows us to measure gait, head range of motion and jumping performance, giving us immediate feedback on how effective the splint is.

How are these performance rails made?

There are two methods in practice. An increasing number of devices, including most of the bottom rail, are now made digitally, i.e. after scanning the mouth, the device is designed using software and printed using a 3D printer. The more traditional method is still made either by impression or scanning by a dental technician in the laboratory.

When should performance enhancement rails be used?

During training and competitions. Not recommended for sleeping and other daytime activities. If there is a sleep disorder, another appliance is recommended. Sleep dentistry does not recommend a splint for night-time dentures because the lower jawbone can fall back during sleep and make it difficult to sleep.

What is the process of making sports performance enhancement rails?

  1. Sign in, book an appointment for a sports dentistry performance assessment.
  2. Sports dentistry performance assessment. This will help us decide if a sports performance enhancement splint is needed. If so, the first appointment can be sampled and the device can be manufactured. This test takes 60 minutes.
  3. Manufacturing the device. It usually takes 2-3 weeks.
  4. Transfer of the sports performance enhancement splint, repeat measurements.
  5. First check, usually 1 week after delivery
    Second check 2-3 months after transfer.
  6. Third check approximately 6 months after delivery.
  7. After 12 months, another check is recommended

As this is also a live sport and the busy schedules of leading club teams and national teams make it necessary, it is also possible to assess the frame at the club team headquarters.

Magyarország  Első Egészségközpontú Gyermekfogszabályozása

Gyermekfogszabályozás: út az egészséges mosoly felé

Hiszen az egészséges mosoly nem csak szép, hanem segít az alvásban, javítja a tanulást és a közérzetet. Az egészséges mosoly esélyt ad a gyermekünknek, hogy mindent kihozzon magából. 

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Dr. Hermann Gábor

Dr. Gábor Hermann introduced various techniques of orthodontics, of which he was the first user and lecturer in Hungary. He was a European lecturer of the Damon technique, introducing the concept of “soft power orthodontics” in Hungary. He is a member of the European Society of Sleep Dentistry and the European Society of Sports Dentistry and is currently the president of the international association IFUNA.

He founded HermannOrtho Professional Orthodontics in 2006 and the Neurotrain development centre in 2020. He specialises in complex, health-oriented orthodontics for children and adults, sports dentistry, sleep dentistry and mind-body medicine.

How much does it cost?

Sports dentistry performance assessment

Sports dentistry performance assessment

72 000 HUF

72 000 Ft


The assessment takes 60 minutes and is completely painless.


The assessment takes 60 minutes and is completely painless.

  • Asking for medical history
  • Questioning sports injuries
  • Sports performance goals questioning
  • Body image assessment (full body shot in sportswear, swimsuit)
  • Mouth and bite examination with oral examination
  • Examination of the jawbone during speech 
  • Electric muscle activity measurement
  • If a performance enhancement splint is recommended: basic measurements (hand strength, centre of gravity lift)
  • Determination of the bite if further progression is recommended
  • Electric muscle activity re-measurement with new bite
  • Repeat baseline performance measurements with the new bite
  • Bite scan

Custom-made performance-enhancing sports mouthguard

Custom-made performance-enhancing sports mouthguard

Introductory price 339.000 instead of just:

299 000 HUF

Starting price instead of 339 000:

299 000 HUF

What is included in the fee?
What is included in the fee?
  • Manufacture of a custom-made sports performance enhancement mouthguard
  • Instrumental re-evaluation, checking
  • 3 periodic inspections with electric muscle activity re-measurement
  • 12-month guarantee (not valid if the mouthguard does not fit due to dental intervention)

After a specialist consultation following the diagnosis, we will prepare a comprehensive, detailed and personalised treatment plan and an accurate quote. The quotation is all-inclusive, so our patients do not have to expect additional costs later on.


I felt HermannOrtho was my last chance because I had already visited five orthodontic surgeries, but the only answer I got was that it is hopeless, it cannot be done, I should have come thirty years earlier, it was horrible. But Gábor and his team did not just see a problematic set of teeth but also the person behind it. Their professional preparedness, their attitude, their humane behaviour is unparalleled, it is outstandingly unique. They have invested a lot of work into the treatment. Every time I felt it was truly important for them that they achieve the best result possible. I have never trusted anyone this much. I am immensely grateful.

/Zsuzsanna Szilveszter/

We brought both our children to the HermannOrtho surgery. Gábor worked miracles on Bence’s teeth, the end result was much better than I had expected! Zoé’s treatment is not finished yet, but the change is already visible and she is very happy about that.

I myself like coming here because the children have never been afraid, the treatment was much more comfortable and pain free than I had been told by others who got treatment elsewhere. Children like Gábor very much, he speaks their language. Everybody was very kind to them, they would always explain to them what was going to happen and why during the treatment.

It was also important for us that the surgery is well-equipped, they work with the newest technology. Gábor constantly develops both the surgery and himself! This was a very important feature for me when making the choice. This is why we come here, although we live 85 kms from Budapest. It is the icing on the cake that he proved to be a very kind person. Everybody at the surgery is very nice and this was also very important to me, since we are talking about my children.

/Krisztina Valaska-D./

HermannOrtho’s sleep dentistry is currently one of a kind in the country. If you have tried the health insurance covered Therasnore but could not get used to it or it does not work and you do not use it, visit HermannOrtho and try the 3D printed protrusion rails. As an IT student doing his Master’s, it is fantastic to see that the new technologies that I study about are already in use at HermannOrtho. Gábor always does his best to further improve his knowledge in fields beyond but connected to orthodontics. I can guarantee that except for a few exceptions not too many orthodontic specialists would know what the abbreviation “CG” stands for.

/Csongor László Martin/

We took our daughter Mira, who is 11 now, to Gábor and his colleagues for treatment after she started losing her baby teeth. Gábor brought it to our attention that Mira had tongue thrust and mouth breathing. Fortunately, the logopedic treatment recommended by Gábor and his colleagues and the overnight mouth monitor proved to be an effective solution.

We started the orthodontic treatment in the December of 2020 so that the canine could come out in the right direction and spot. Thanks to the complex support Mira’s treatment successfully came to an end in the April of 2021.

Mira was a bit scared first of orhtodontics but she soon got used to the braces and wore them without a problem. I think it played a great part in this that the atmosphere in the surgery is very relaxing and friendly and that Gábor and his team are kind and very-very professional.

/Marcsi Szalontai/

My daughter’s treatment started 1,5 years ago! After the first consultation we already knew that this was the only place for us! Information and the expertise was first class! Gábor and Rita are always very nice, Aliz was never afraid, they always explained everything, what was going to happen. The service is comprehensive, logopedics and body treatments are included in the orthodontics, if necessary. It is definitely five stars from us, we can only recommend them to anyone who wants to get orthodontic treatment! 🙂

/Anikó Sörös/

This is why we have received so many five-star ratings:

Complex service

Do not think teeth, you have to think in terms of complex health. We help you with that.

Everything in one place

You do not have to go to several different places. From the check-up to the treatment, we do everything in one place.

Familiar atmosphere

When you enter here, you forget that this is a dentist’s surgery.

A professional and friendly team

We think it is fundamental for a team to be professional at what they do. Beside this, however, it is very important how the patient visiting us feels.


During our 25-year run we have encountered several thousand cases, therefore you can rest assured that no matter how complex a problem you are struggling with, we have the solution.

Dr. Gábor Hermann

The concept of health-centred orthodontics has been introduced by Dr. Gábor Hermann in several international forums in the past years. He has developed this special treatment method as part of this.

Holistic approach

Because we are either healthy or not. There is no compromise. This is the only worthwhile interpretation of health.

The most modern tools

HermannOrtho is Hungary’s most modern orthodontic surgery. From our own lab and x-ray machine to a 3D printer, we have everything at our disposal.

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