Orthodontic diagnostics and consultation

Personal, individual consultation and diagnostics

Personal, individual consultation and diagnostics

38 000 Ft

38 000 Ft

2 occasions: 60+60 minutes
2 occasions: 60+60 minutes
Complete examination
Complete examination
Personal consultation at the surgery
Personal consultation at the surgery
  • panoramic x ray
  • taking photos

1st step

Filling in the form

Give your name and contact information so or colleague can get in touch with you.

2nd step


You visit us at an agreed time and take part in the diagnostics, the examination.

3rd step


With a knowledge of the diagnostic results you discuss the treatment possibilities with Dr. Gábor Hermann.

Health-centred orthodontic treatments

Children orthodontics

3-18 years

A healthy smile is not just pretty, it helps you sleep better and improves learning and general well-being. Get to know what modern orthodontics can do for your child’s health!

Adult orthodontics

18-99 years

Health-supporting orthodontic treatments without tooth extraction or jaw surgery. Would you like to know how orthodontics helps your quality of sleep and how it enhances your performance?

Sleep & Jaw joint therapy

Every age group

Do you snore and experience restless sleep, does your jaw perhaps hurt or pop? These problems are usually connected. Click here and get to know the real, long-term solution!

Mouth hygiene and whitening prices

Mouth hygiene treatment

Mouth hygiene treatment

Basic cleaning: 25 000 Ft
Cleaning with Air- flow salt polishing: 29 000 Ft
Air- flow salt polishing: 20 000 Ft

Teeth whitening at home

Teeth whitening at home

1. occasion: cleaning and taking an impression: 40.000 Ft
2. occasion: handing over of the rail and the teeth-whitening material (2 syringes): 20.000 Ft

Teeth whitening at the surgery

Teeth whitening at the surgery

Beyond teeth whitening: 70 000 Ft


OP x-ray

OP x-ray

6 000 Ft



6 000 Ft

Instruction, motivation with plaque painting

15.000 Ft (30 minutes)
check up: 5.000 Ft (15 minutes)

What is worth to know about us

Highly skilled specialist

Dr. Gábor Hermann is a well-known and highly acclaimed expert of the field both in Hungary and internationally.

Unbelievably useful information

We can discuss anything you are interested in. There is no such thing as we do not have time for something.

Consultations with a great atmosphere

Our online consultations always have a great, pleasant atmosphere.

You are not alone

If you forget to ask something at the consultation, you can contact us afterwards.

Practice backing up theory

We have Hungary’s most modern orthodontic surgery with its own digital printer and laboratory.

High level teamwork

Outstanding professionals work together in our team so we can provide a unique and complex service.

We look forward to seeing you

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