Patient-reference discounts

Thank you for your confidence in us!

Please take a look at our special discounts and gifts awaiting you.

Patient-reference discounts

Thank you for your confidence in us!

Please take a look at our special discounts and gifts awaiting you.

We’ve made unique discounts for you.

Click on one of the buttons below to find out what kind of discount / gift we have for you!

In case you have a treatment going on or your treatment is over

How would you feel about a gift that helps you improve your sleep quality and helps you rest effectively?

  • After the first reference, we will surprise you with an Oral-B electric toothbrush (worth 10 000 HUF)
  • After the second recommendation, we will give you a professional dental hygiene treatment
    (worth 25 000 HUF)
  • After the third referral you will receive a special blue light filtered glasses (worth 35 000 HUF)

We will send you the gifts right after someone starts a treatment with us based on your recommendations.

If someone recommended our office to you…

In this case, we will provide the diagnostic and consultation package (original price: 38 000 HUF) for 29 990 HUF.

To be able to use the discount it is important that you have the card that you have received from your acquaintance with you (with name, date and serial number on it)

Please choose which treatment you are interested in from the options below!

What do others say about us?

During the sleep examination the polygraph diagnosed me with severe sleep apnea.

Frequent apnea (over 15 in an hour!!!), snoring and dryness of the mouth accompanied my sleep because of which I often felt the lack of sleep, tiredness the next day. Beside the apnea being a serious health hazard, driving a vehicle is also not allowed in this condition because there is a high risk of accidents.

The doctor doing the examination recommended the use of a CPAP device which I rented but unfortunately I could not get used to it and sleep properly with it during the course of quite a few nights. Then, luckily, I got the advice to go and visit HermannOrtho (thanks, Dávid!).

After a thorough examination in a few days they made me an orthodontic rail for nightly use which regulated the position of the jaw during sleep (the jaw cannot slip back in its relaxed state so the airways are much less likely to get obstructed) so the air can flow freely. The “rail” itself is a transparent plastic device, similar to braces, it is easy and quick to get used to. After about one week of use a follow-up examination was done with a sleep monitor on two consecutive nights.

I have received the specialist’s opinion which speaks for itself: “the polygraph sleep examination of two consecutive nights could not confirm apnea, there was no hypoxia…”

I am very grateful to HemannOrtho for their help.

HermannOrtho’s sleep dentistry is currently one of a kind in the country. If you have tried the health insurance covered Therasnore but could not get used to it or it does not work and you do not use it, visit HermannOrtho and try the 3D printed protrusion rails. As an IT student doing his Master’s, it is fantastic to see that the new technologies that I study about are already in use at HermannOrtho. Gábor always does his best to further improve his knowledge in fields beyond but connected to orthodontics. I can guarantee that except for a few exceptions not too many orthodontic specialists would know what the abbreviation “CG” stands for.

We brought both our children to the HermannOrtho surgery. Gábor worked miracles on Bence’s teeth, the end result was much better than I had expected! Zoé’s treatment is not finished yet, but the change is already visible and she is very happy about that.

I myself like coming here because the children have never been afraid, the treatment was much more comfortable and pain free than I had been told by others who got treatment elsewhere. Children like Gábor very much, he speaks their language. Everybody was very kind to them, they would always explain to them what was going to happen and why during the treatment.

It was also important for us that the surgery is well-equipped, they work with the newest technology. Gábor constantly develops both the surgery and himself! This was a very important feature for me when making the choice. This is why we come here, although we live 85 kms from Budapest. It is the icing on the cake that he proved to be a very kind person. Everybody at the surgery is very nice and this was also very important to me, since we are talking about my children.

Dear Dr Gábor Hermann and Team, Girls, Anita, Era and Everybody who has worked for my health,

it is my greatest luck to have found you. A conscientious orthodontist who didn’t take me on as a patient recommended Doctor Hermann, referring to him as “the best orthodontist of the country”. I encouraged myself by thinking that if a professional evaluates someone like this, then he must be good.

Filled with new hopes, I was excited to go to the consultation. Well, people, it is true! Professionalism, knowledge, a lot of outstanding reference, information on the treatment, communication on the procedure, indication of attention (yes, your health is important for us, too), soothing nice words and actions. It is a bit funny to say, but I do say that I like coming to HERMANNORTHO. My fear of failure vanished, and the creation, my braces were a success. Congratulations and big thanks to all of you. If I have to choose one word to describe all of this it would be: EXCELLENCE! I would like to thank you for everything that I’ve got.

With love and respect!


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