why is proper mouth hygiene important?

Dental hygiene treatments

Read on and learn about our professional dental hygiene treatment!

why is proper mouth hygiene important?

Dental hygiene treatments

Read on and learn more about our professional dental hygiene treatment!

The key to a healthy and beautiful set of teeth is proper mouth hygiene. Unfortunately not even regular tooth brushing can completely protect us from tartar appearing on the surface of teeth and in the areas underneath the gums. Therefore, in order to achieve and to maintain proper mouth hygiene ask for professional help! Dental hygiene experts also help you learn proper, personalized tooth brushing techniques.

Tartar removal

During tartar removal we clean the surface of the teeth and the space between them with the so-called ultrasonic depurator device. Thanks to the ultrasound technique the treatment is pain-free and does not damage dental enamel either.

With the procedure we put an end to gingivitis and your teeth regain their original whiteness. In order to make the result last long term, ask our dental hygiene expert for advice, they will show you the proper tooth brushing technique and the use of the suggested supplementary mouth hygiene tools as well during the mouth hygiene counselling.

Air-flow salt polishing

Air-flow treatment can be called upon as an amendment to tartar removal or in itself. With its help discolouring caused by food and drinks can be removed easily and with the fine dust the hard-to-access spots and the areas between the teeth can be cleaned perfectly as well. The treatment is short and completely pain-free.

Mouth hygiene and whitening prices

Mouth hygiene treatment

Cleaning with Air- flow salt polishing for adults: 29 000 Ft, for children: 25 000 Ft
1. occasion: cleaning and taking an impression: 40.000 Ft
2. occasion: handing over of the rail and the teeth-whitening material (2 syringes): : 20.000 Ft
Beyond teeth whitening: 70 000 Ft

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