Hungary’s First Health-centred Adult Orthodontics

Orthodontic treatment without jaw surgery or tooth extraction

Your time has come. You can have a nice smile without invasive treatment. On top of that, you get more, since the treatment, besides creating a beautiful smile, treats the causes as well which improves your sleep, your performance and your well-being.

Hungary’s First Health-centred Adult Orthodontics

Orthodontic treatment without jaw surgery or tooth extraction

Your time has come. You can have a nice smile without invasive treatment. On top of that, you get more, since the treatment, besides creating a beautiful smile, treats the causes as well which improves your sleep, your performance and your well-being.

Health-centred adult orthodontics does not only have a positive effect on teeth.

Have they suggested tooth extraction to you in several other surgeries?

Have they told you that you could only have braces after dental surgery?

Would you like to avoid painful invasive procedures?

Would you like a pain-free, comfortable treatment?

Did you know there is orthodontics that supports complex health?

Complex treatment package

All treatments are in-house, plus we closely work together with an ear nose and throat specialist, a pediatric sleep specialist and a nutritional consultant as well. The complex programme has a positive effect on sleep, learning, behaviour, even ADHD in certain cases, apart from giving you a great smile. A children’s corner and a friendly staff awaits the children in a modern environment.

What does health-centred orthodontics give you?

Better sleep

Health-centred children’s orthodontics can significantly improve quality of sleep.

Better performance

Our unique development programme enhances school and sports performance.

A pretty smile

A pretty smile gives us confidence and makes integration into a community easier.

A beautiful face contour

Changing the difference between the jawbones and the narrow dental arches positively affects the whole appearance of the face, it makes the patient look more youthful.

Better well-being

Thanks to the better quality of sleep the child’s general well-being, mood, as well as their disposition improves.

A self-confident appearance

We are not just talking about a nice even smile despite it being an essential for appropriate self-confidence.

Better articulation

Thanks to professional logopedic training utterance and speech also improve to a great degree.

Better posture

It is not only a question of aesthetics. Our posture has an important role in our health.

A method unique on a global level

Traditional orthodontics examines and treats teeth and the jawbone, often by pulling teeth or with surgical interventions.

There already exist methods of treatment which apply logopedia alongside orthodontics, sometimes even supplemented with bodily treatment. However, only in very few places worldwide is there a combined procedure which aims at providing your child with well-balanced sleep and general health alongside a beautiful smile.

The definition of health-centred functional orthodontics was introduced by Dr Gábor Hermann a few years ago.

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Dr. Gábor Hermann

First user, presenter and promoter, Dr Gábor Hermann introduced a variety of novel orthodontic technologies in Hungary. Based on his cases he became an active member of the World Society of Lingual Orthodontics (WSLO). He was the European speaker on Damon technology.

He regularly delivers presentations on changes in orthodontics at Hungarian and international forums. He introduced the modern functional paradigm as a new approach to orthodontics. He is a member of numerous international associations, societies and teams aiming to create and promote cooperation between functional orthodontics and other disciplines supporting it. He founded the Hungarian Interdisciplinary Society of Orofacial Treatments of which he is president. He developed one of the world’s leading complex training programs for swallowing, breathing and posture enhancement.

In-house digital lab

Our aligners and braces are made in our in-house digital lab equipped with state-of-the-art technology, so we control the entire process without the need to involve external dental labs.

We make personalised appliances, having first found out about the individual needs, goals and desires of our patients. The added advantage is that as a result the duration of treatment is shorter and consequently, patients save a considerable amount of money.

What exactly does the package contain?

 Health-centred orthodonticsTraditional orthodontics
Setting of teeth and jawbones
Closed-lip position 
Correct swallowing pattern 
Breathing correction 
Improving sleep quality 
Body posture correction 
School performance enhancement 
Sports performance enhancement 
 Health-centred orthodonticsTraditional orthodontics
Setting of teeth and jawbones
Closed-lip position 
Correct swallowing pattern 
Breathing correction 
Improving sleep quality 
Body posture correction 
Workplace performance enhancement 
Sports performance enhancement 

How much does it cost?

Health-centred Orthodontics

1st down payment, at impression for the first dental arch: 450 000 Ft
2nd down payment, at impression for the second dental arch: 450 000 Ft
monthly installment: 135 000 Ft
last installment, at the end of treatment: 400 000 Ft
  • Starter pack
  • Booklet with 6 modules
  • Video training
  • Guided meditation
  • Neurotrain 6 occasions
  • Manual therapy
  • Logopedics, breathing training 10 occasions
  • Functional follow-ups

After the consultation with a specialist following the diagnosis we create a comprehensive, detailed and personalised treatment plan and a precise price offer. This contains everything so our patients will not have to expect extra expenses later.

Ask for consultation

If it is important to you for your smile to become beautiful without tooth extraction and jawbone surgery and for orthodontics to treat the causes as well, the first step towards this is consultation.


I felt HermannOrtho was my last chance because I had already visited five orthodontic surgeries, but the only answer I got was that it is hopeless, it cannot be done, I should have come thirty years earlier, it was horrible. But Gábor and his team did not just see a problematic set of teeth but also the person behind it. Their professional preparedness, their attitude, their humane behaviour is unparalleled, it is outstandingly unique. They have invested a lot of work into the treatment. Every time I felt it was truly important for them that they achieve the best result possible. I have never trusted anyone this much. I am immensely grateful.

/Zsuzsanna Szilveszter/

We brought both our children to the HermannOrtho surgery. Gábor worked miracles on Bence’s teeth, the end result was much better than I had expected! Zoé’s treatment is not finished yet, but the change is already visible and she is very happy about that.

I myself like coming here because the children have never been afraid, the treatment was much more comfortable and pain free than I had been told by others who got treatment elsewhere. Children like Gábor very much, he speaks their language. Everybody was very kind to them, they would always explain to them what was going to happen and why during the treatment.

It was also important for us that the surgery is well-equipped, they work with the newest technology. Gábor constantly develops both the surgery and himself! This was a very important feature for me when making the choice. This is why we come here, although we live 85 kms from Budapest. It is the icing on the cake that he proved to be a very kind person. Everybody at the surgery is very nice and this was also very important to me, since we are talking about my children.

/Krisztina Valaska-D./

HermannOrtho’s sleep dentistry is currently one of a kind in the country. If you have tried the health insurance covered Therasnore but could not get used to it or it does not work and you do not use it, visit HermannOrtho and try the 3D printed protrusion rails. As an IT student doing his Master’s, it is fantastic to see that the new technologies that I study about are already in use at HermannOrtho. Gábor always does his best to further improve his knowledge in fields beyond but connected to orthodontics. I can guarantee that except for a few exceptions not too many orthodontic specialists would know what the abbreviation “CG” stands for.

/László Csongor/

We took our daughter Mira, who is 11 now, to Gábor and his colleagues for treatment after she started losing her baby teeth. Gábor brought it to our attention that Mira had tongue thrust and mouth breathing. Fortunately, the logopedic treatment recommended by Gábor and his colleagues and the overnight mouth monitor proved to be an effective solution.

We started the orthodontic treatment in the December of 2020 so that the canine could come out in the right direction and spot. Thanks to the complex support Mira’s treatment successfully came to an end in the April of 2021.

Mira was a bit scared first of orhtodontics but she soon got used to the braces and wore them without a problem. I think it played a great part in this that the atmosphere in the surgery is very relaxing and friendly and that Gábor and his team are kind and very-very professional.

/Marcsi Szalontai/

My daughter’s treatment started 1,5 years ago! After the first consultation we already knew that this was the only place for us! Information and the expertise was first class! Gábor and Rita are always very nice, Aliz was never afraid, they always explained everything, what was going to happen. The service is comprehensive, logopedics and body treatments are included in the orthodontics, if necessary. It is definitely five stars from us, we can only recommend them to anyone who wants to get orthodontic treatment! 🙂

/Anikó Sörös/

This is why we have received so many five-star ratings:

Complex service

Do not think teeth, you have to think in terms of complex health. We help you with that.

Everything in one place

You do not have to go to several different places. From the check-up to the treatment, we do everything in one place.

Familiar atmosphere

When you enter here, you forget that this is a dentist’s surgery.

A professional and friendly team

We think it is fundamental for a team to be professional at what they do. Beside this, however, it is very important how the patient visiting us feels.


During our 25-year run we have encountered several thousand cases, therefore you can rest assured that no matter how complex a problem you are struggling with, we have the solution.

Dr. Gábor Hermann

The concept of health-centred orthodontics has been introduced by Dr. Gábor Hermann in several international forums in the past years. He has developed this special treatment method as part of this.

Holistic approach

Because we are either healthy or not. There is no compromise. This is the only worthwhile interpretation of health.

The most modern tools

HermannOrtho is Hungary’s most modern orthodontic surgery. From our own lab and x-ray machine to a 3D printer, we have everything at our disposal.

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1036 Budapest, Bécsi út 85.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Many people think that teeth are needed only when we consume food or smile. The sets of teeth have two further important functions. Firstly, the internal space of the dental arches is the place of the tongue. If the dental arches are narrow, the tongue does not have enough space. This negatively affects swallowing and in the end often breathing and sleep. So the shaping of the dental arches is not only important because of a nice big smile but also because of health. The other connection is perhaps even more important. The contact of the sets of teeth determines the position of the jaw. It is typical for people in adulthood to have a lot of fillings, prostheses, or missing teeth. All of these can contribute to the jaw losing its former, ideal support. Eventually this can lead to jaw joint problems, sleeping disorders or one’s face profile can develop in an unflattering manner.

As we have written above, the role of the teeth is partly to support the position of the jaw. Therefore it is very advantageous to have a treatment which restores the body’s balance, stops the popping of the jaw joint, improves sleep and accordingly determines the ideal jawbone position and sets up the ideal bite. In this case the permanent prostheses can be made in mush more advantageous circumstances. In such treatments we always cooperate with your dentist or, if you do not have one, we recommend you one of Budapest’s best surgeries.

Since the crooked position of teeth is part of a complex problem, the assessment and treatment has to be well-supported. It is not only because of genetics that teeth are in the position they are in.  The tongue, the lips, the cheek muscles, the chewing muscles, breathing, posture and the neurological balance responsible for muscle tone can all play a role in how teeth are positioned. Exactly for this reason during the assessment, alongside the traditional orthodontic diagnosis we examine the mentioned areas. After the unique assessment we do a very detailed analysis and based on it we create the customized complex treatment package.

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