Neurotrain Focus – Home skill development for children

Does your child have problems concentrating?
Do they have difficulties learning or writing?  
Would you like your child to overcome obstacles at school?

Develop your child’s skills with a special at home programme!

What is worth to know about Neurotrain Focus Home?

Neurotrain Focus Home is a method supported by clinical research based on special listening to music and movement combination. After a tutorial you can continue the programme at home, it is not necessary to attend classes. The programme takes 3-4 months, during which time spectacular results can be achieved.

The training is flexible you can make appropriate progress according to your individual schedule. During the course of the programme we give you support and at the end we check back on the changes together.

The Hungarian means of combining music and movement is the Kodály Method. Kodály recognized how effectively movement enhances studying music and reinforces the effectiveness of music in developing children’s skills.

Over time more and more research has confirmed all of the above. The development of technology and research of the autonomous nervous system has created the so-called modulated musical methods. The gist of this is that in a studio the basic music is manipulated in a way that certain ranges of sound are amplified thereby putting to work the muscles of the middle ear.

This muscle activity ultimately has a calming effect on the autonomous nervous system and coordinates its function. On top of that the sound is transmitted not only via audio but also bone conduction thereby strengthening the effect. If you would like to read more about the research results, click here or here.

We combine two types of modulated musical methods during the training. The first phase is a passive listening to music which calms the body and makes the nervous system more receptive to the second phase. In the second phase the listening to music is active, meaning that alongside listening to music we give different exercises. This expressly strengthens the body’s balance, coordination and other skills.

What makes the Neurotrain Focus Home Programme special?

The methods applied during the Neurotrain Focus Home programme are the deservedly world-famous Safe and Sound Programme® and the Soundsory® programme.



For the Soundsory ® programme we provide you with a multi-sensory special device, suitable for an at home programme, which features both audio and bone conduction and the music player is built into the headphones which makes comfortable movement possible.


The programme invigorates brain function and helps the development of the most important basic skills. It helps the development of motor and cognitive skills in children and adults alike, thereby improving concentration, handwriting, bodily balance and effecting learning skills positively.



Ultimately the development of sensory skills results in faster reflexes, more precise coordination, improving concentration and enhanced bodily awareness, which brings about visible and perceptible improvement in cognitive skills, for example studying, regulating emotions, social interactions, critical thinking, etc.

Who is the programme recommended to?

Primarily your child but it is also effective in adults:

Learning disabilities, concentration disorder
Handwriting, movement coordination, fine motor skill problems
Disorders of sensory organs, sensitivity to light, sound

What are you going to experience if you have a go at it?

The programmes have put a great emphasis on the selection of the musical material. The first experience is that listening to music is a delight for any age group. The second experience is calmness, the settling of the body. The third experience is an improved performance in body posture, coordination and manual dexterity. And finally there are the positive changes in studying and concentration.

Who is in charge of the programme?

Dr. Gábor Hermann

The founder of the Neurotrain training centre. Dr. Gábor Hermann has introduced health-centred orthodontics internationally and is an outstanding representative of sleep dentistry in Hungary. Several functional programmes, like Dsmile and Neurotrain can be linked to his name.

In Functional Neurology he first combined the elements of logopedia, bodily treatments, functional neurology and neurological biotechnology.

The value of the Neurotrain Focus Home package

Instead of 250 000 Ft now only

200 000 Ft

The training is preceded by a problem-specific assessment, which costs HUF 35 000 (in addition to the training fee)
Personal consultation, assessment, tuition
Support during the programme via Zoom or phone
Closing conversation, checking back
The deposit fee for the device (on top of the price of the programme) is 180 000 Ft that we refund at the end of the programme. Extending the rental of the device is also possible (40 000 Ft/month).


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