If you are looking for a diagnostic lab that has everything in one place and is equipped with all the facilities required for complex orthodontics as well as sleep-related and functional neurological treatments, you have come to the right place.

We consider it important that our dentists should have a comprehensive picture of all areas. Whether it is about orthodontics, sleep-related dentistry, jaw joint treatment or about neurological abilities development, the goal is the same: to provide the most effective and optimal treatment tailored for you.


Besides radiographic imaging special ancillary diagnostic assessment is also necessary. We use the most up-to-date technology for X-ray imaging, and prepare photo documentation including facial and dental assessment. Several indispensable additional tests are also carried out to have a full-fledged picture of your case.

Sleep-related and temporomandibular joint treatments

Besides traditional X-ray imaging assessment of the jaws and the muscles of mastication is just one of the many examinations. Sleep or TMJ problems are generally very complex, therefore we need a lot of information to set up an accurate diagnosis and a treatment plan.

Functional neurological development

In order to treat learning, work or even behavioural problems we need to learn about the functioning of the right and left cerebral hemispheres and the state of other functions of the body. Our lab is fully equipped to carry put this complex assessment.

Lab services

Radiographic imaging

  • Panoramic X-ray to capture the entire mouth including the teeth, upper and lower jaws, and to check the ventilation of the sinuses
  • Side profile X-ray to assess the airways, the adenoids, the position of the hyoid bone and the cervical spine

Photo documentation

  • Oral photos
  • Facial photos
  • Postural photos

Video documentation

  • Gait
  • Swallowing
  • Respiration
  • Jaw protraction and movement
  • Opening of the mouth
  • Phonetic position of the lower jaw

Oral, throat and facial examination

  • Examination of the oral cavity 
  • Examination of the tongue
  • Pharyngeal and laryngeal structures
  • Testing the muscles of mastication
  • Examination of the joints
  • Examination of the nostrils

Ancillary functional tests

  • Blood oxygen test
  • Exercise stress test
  • Measuring breathing gaps or breath holds
  • Testing physical activity
  • Food intolerance tests
  • Gut microbiome test and related consultation

Diet-related diagnostics

Bite taking and impression taking

  • Traditional or digital impression taking
  • Bite taking


  • Sleep
  • Diet: five-day diet journal
  • Functional neurological tests
  • Medical history

“Death begins in the intestines.” – Paracelsus

In other words, one of the pillars of health is the health of intestines and intestinal flora, therefore, health begins in the intestines. Intestinal flora and intestinal wall balance issues are in the background of many chronic diseases and sleep disorders. Research findings underscore the fact that chronic pain and sleep disorders as well as neurological and behavioural problems and learning deficits can often be traced back to dietary issues and intestinal health.

It is commonly known that some food and drinks are harmful, that sugar is not good for you, but beyond this common wisdom finding out what actually gut bacterial balance means is quite a challenge: 

  • How to detect how exactly the balance was upset? 
  • More importantly, how to design a diet that would restore the balance of the intestinal flora and healthy gut function.

Food intolerance tests can clearly detect current intolerances. They identify foodstuffs to which the body overreacts. Based on this information an appropriate diet can be devised. Also, a rotational elimination diet can be started which helps the patient to pinpoint the foodstuffs triggering or exacerbating symptoms by elimination.

The molecular microbiome test maps accurately the missing or below-average elements of the patient’s gut bacterial flora. This is a special test that compares the individual’s values to those of healthy population living in the same geographical environment. 

Based on the “map” a personalised diet can be put together which will help restore the deficient or missing elements of the gut flora, thereby strengthening the body as a whole.

Through HermannOrtho you have access to two types of dietary tests.

Gut microbiome testing

  • Gut microbiome tests are carried out by TFTAK Institute (Tallinn, Estonia)
  • Analytical results in English and Hungarian
  • Personal or online consultation about dietary changes

The lab will analyse the sample in 3 to 5 weeks after delivery of the sample. We provide a tool kit for sampling. The service is brought to you by Smart Bioma. The price of the microbiome test is HUF 100,000.

Food intolerance test

The food intolerance testing lab can detect over 200 types of types intolerance. Frequent diarrhoea, constipation, bloating, abdominal cramps, pain or enteritis, joint pain, chronic headache, skin problems, bronchitis all may have some kind of food intolerance in the background. The first step to efficiently treat these complaints is to identify the foodstuffs at the root of the symptoms. The price of the Foodtest 200+ intolerance test is HUF 64,900 and the results are back in 15 days.

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