Sleap Program

For a company or an HR manager, it is extremely important to strengthen the commitment towards the company, to motivate employees and to improve performance. The Sleap program is a fresh, new concept in the corporate wellbeing space.

In addition to improving sleep quality, the workshop includes elements that foster community bonding and teamwork, resulting in not only more energised, refreshed, but also more engaged employees.

Benefits of the Sleap program

The Sleap program has a number of advantages on both individual and corporate level. On one side this is a stand-alone, value-added benefit program for employees, which improves their productivity, increases their resilience and builds loyalty to the company.

The pillars of the program

  • Live sessions for corporate groups
  • Format: workshop, presentation, training
  • 4 sessions, 4 weeks, 120 minutes per session
  • Experts Dr. Gábor Hermann, sleep dentist and Zsuzsanna Fodor, mindfulness coach
  • Closed group for participants, community building, accountability partners program
  • Teaching of techniques that can be practiced anywhere

The main messages of the program

A corporate wellbeing plan is expected to bring measurable changes. Less sick leave, better employee well-being and performance. Beyond this it is increasingly important to build a corporate culture that is commonly referred to as a People Centric Culture. We believe that one of, if not the most effective way to achieve this is by building a corporate health community.

One of the key messages of our program is that “you are not alone with your problems” Another one is that “you have the power to take control of your health” And third one is that “community support enables you to achieve your individual goals” The goal is to provide participants with knowledge that can be used immediately. The over 90% satisfaction rate confirms how important this journey is, how much demand there is for a such a programme, such a community.


Feedback from HR

“We are extremely satisfied with the training. We are happy to recommend it to any company.”

/Kaszás Helga, People and Culture Director, Metro Wholesale/

Feedback from participants


“I recommend it to anyone who is not satisfied with their sleep. Satisfactory sleep depends on little things that you wouldn’t think about in your everyday life. The course highlights small, non-demanding but very effective techniques.”


“The course provided me with comprehensive and easy-to-apply knowledge about sleep. It gives me the confidence that I can do something for a good night’s sleep. I have learned a lot and my sleep is already much better.”


“I have received a lot of interesting information that confirms my determination to continue on this path. Thank you!”


“It’s liberating to know that I can improve my sleep if I pay attention to a few things.”


“I learned a lot, I didn’t expect it when we started.. I got much more than I was hoping for.”


Was extremely satisfied and would recommend to others


Reported definite improvement in sleep

Who will you meet at the training?

Fodor Zsuzsanna

coach, sleep trainer

Zsuzsanna has 10+ years of training experience with coaching background focusing on individual development. She has always been interested in change, the motivation that drives it and the subconscious blocks that prevent people from making decisions.

She received her coaching degree at NeuroLeadership Institute’s Brain Based coaching program based on newest neuroscience research data. Zsuzsanna completed her knowledge base with alternative techniques such as the Wingwave technique, NLP coaching and the unique American PSYCH-K method.

With 2000+ hours of training, 200+ hours of coaching, Zsuzsanna has gained considerable experience and will bring this knowledge to the sleep program to work with Gábor to bring about significant lifestyle improvements in the lives of participants.

Dr. Hermann Gábor

CEO sleep trainer

An innovative figure in Hungarian orthodontics, he was the first to use several new technologies in the country in the 2000s. Among others, Invisalign invisible orthodontics, “Soft Power Orthodontics”, also known as Damon Technique, was the first user and trainer of orthodontic micro-implants in Hungary, but he was also one of the first to use elements of digital orthodontics.

He lectures nationally and internationally. He has introduced the terms health-oriented orthodontics and craniofacial functional medicine and is a leading representative of this trend, and president of the international IFUNA organization.

He has been practicing sleep dentistry since 2020, is a member of renowned national sleep medicine teams, works with sleep doctors and ENT specialists. In addition to dentistry, sleep, whole body aspects, she also works in the areas of sports performance enhancement and neurological development. In 2019 he developed the health program concept that became the basis for the Sleap Corporate Sleep Program.

10 key benefits of corporate well-being

Recently, companies have been paying more and more attention to developing healthy lifestyles and supporting the health of their employees. This is important because the well-being and health of employees has a direct impact on the effective functioning of the organisation. As a result, a number of corporate well-being programs have been launched, whereby employers actively promote healthy lifestyles for their employees. Here are the top 10 benefits of corporate well-being programs:

1.Enjoyable activities and shared experiences

Workplace tasks can often be monotonous and boring, which can result in low morale and poor performance. By introducing a well-being scheme, we can enrich everyday life with fun and work-related activities.

2.Improving productivity

Workplace well-being programs, regular exercise and a healthy diet can help improve employee performance. Eating well and exercising stimulates the brain to focus effectively on daily tasks.

3.A more balanced workforce

According to AFLAC’s 2012 Workforce Report, employees who participate in workplace well-being programs show greater job satisfaction than their peers. They are more comfortable in their own skin and therefore more flexible in managing daily tasks. A healthy lifestyle and regular exercise make people more balanced.

4.Building communities

Well-being programs, which incorporate team-building activities, connect employees to each other and to the company. This allows strong and unique bonds to be established.

5.Lower healthcare costs

When the workplace promotes exercise and a healthy lifestyle, it contributes to the health of employees. This will reduce the occurrence of sick leave, resulting in significant cost savings for the company in both the short and long term. Several studies show that well-being programs can greatly reduce sick leave and also make organisations more effective.

6.Performance incentives

Workplaces challenges are very popular among employees. For example, how many steps can they complete in a month, or who can give up cigaret for a certain period of time? These challenges foster a competitive spirit.

7.Improving physical health

Good sleep quality contributes to good physical health and well-being. Exercising during the lunch break also has many benefits.

8.Stress reduction

One of the keys to staying healthy is managing stress. Coping with and moving through stressful situations is very important during difficult times.

9.Developing healthier habits

Workplace wellness programs help to promote healthy lifestyles, which in turn foster healthy habits at the community level. If everyone in the workplace comes together and supports each other in making the transition to a healthy lifestyle, it will be easier to break unhealthy habits, which is the first step to a new lifestyle.

10.Supporting weight loss

Sitting all day might have a negative impact on health. Getting good quality, satisfying sleep, eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly will help you achieve a healthy weight.

To find out more about our corporate well-being programs, contact us today! Together we can make your business more successful and your employees healthier, balanced and motivated!


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