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Orthodontics for adults

Orthodontics for adults
Orthodontics for adults - Why is it more and more popular?

Orthodontics went through a revolutionary change in recent years; braces became much more convenient and there are invisible braces. In addition, orthodontic treatment is accessible to a broad class as there are many options regarding the type of braces and also the price to choose from.

Read on and find out what modern orthodontics can do for your nice, regular and healthy smile!

Why is orthodontics for adults different?

The orthodontic treatment in childhood  is in several respects different from the orthodontics for adults . On the one hand in adulthood there may already be tooth gaps from missing teeth or periodontal problems, or an old TMJ, neck or posture problem, which make the process complicated. In these complex cases it is important in orthodontic treatment that the patient is fully cooperating with the specialist. The specialist can be a dentist or a specialist who has knowledge in other body treatment methods or functional training.

On the other hand besides the points mentioned above, the work and the patient’s private life influences the selection of the appropriate brace. Known public figures opt generally for invisible braces. There are also areas in which there is no difference. The treatment of adults with a healthy bone structure is not slower than for young children, the position of the jaw can be changed too. In most cases, no surgical intervention on the jaw bone is necessary to adjust the bite of an adult.

Frequently asked question

Which is the best approach?
  • Detailed consultationwith the specialist to define the patient’s needs. It is important to know the exact expectations, because based on that we can recommend the most appropriate brace.
  • Comprehensive professionalmedical examination
  • Individual treatment plan
  • Joint selection ofthe appropriate braces. It is our responsibility to provide detailed information to support the patient in the decision.

In most cases the patient may chose between a short invisible cosmetic treatment and a longer functional treatment, which is much more advantageous in terms of smile-aesthetic and general health.

Cornerstones of the ideal procedure:

  • Expertise
  • Comprehensive,detailed consultation
  • Building a relationship of trust between doctor and patient
  • Tailor-made orthodontic treatment according to the patient’s individual needs.
What is the best method for adults?

Today it is not easy for patients to find their way in the subject of orthodontics. Not only that the essential element of orthodontics treatment is the brace, the success of the treatment will be influenced by numerous other factors.

What options does the orthodontics in adulthood offer?

There are many different brace systems available. It is a fact that the most popular braces for the adult orthodontic treatment are invisible braces,   due to the complexity of the cases certain compromises must be made.

It may happen that we put some treatment tasks in the background and select a so-called cosmetic orthodontic treatment. But there are also brace combinations. We often find those treatments in which in case of the upper teeth the brace is attached to the lingual side of the teeth and in case of the lower teeth from outside. In the treatment of adults we often use also bonded porcelain braces.

What should I consider when selecting a specialist?

Orthodontic treatment is a medical procedure, based on mutual trust between doctor and patient. Equally important is the medical equipment, the expertise and patient-oriented attitude.

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