Integral coaching

Many people come to us with questions about what the secret to performance enhancement, orhtodontics without surgery, a stable bite and a nice smile is.

The answer in every case is change in the direction of permanent ballance. These days we can get treated on so many levels, be it chiropractic, biohacking, neurology, introduction of certain eating habits. However, because of the confusing abundance of information permanent development is a greater challenge in our fast world.

It is exactly for this reason that we have introduced a new service, coaching for the age group that has been exposed to technology at a very early age. Help is definitely needed since in many cases the generation gap makes it difficult to see eye to eye, as if the parties did not speak the same language. If someone can be successful, it is a coach who speaks and understands the language, the culture, the challenges.

Getting into a healthy lifestyle is a serious task. Integrating a few therapeutic exercises into the daily routine, doing the programme consistently is a pretty big challenge. The coach helps and accompanies the process of change. Gradually creating a more ballanced quality of life by easing inner tension, individual achievements, taking down hindrances. Integral Coaching is an independant service of ours which can support our different therapies.

Who do we recommend the package to?

Those who…

  • feel they cannot change patterns on their own, look for impulses
  • run around in circles, get into conflicts repeatedly, want to break out
  • need to pull themselves together, would like to reform their lifestyle
  • have trouble incorporating the training tasks into their everyday lives or that of their children, have trouble keeping up motivation
  • would like to avoid or process burnout
  • cannot clearly see a direction in life, would like to have a perspective
  • would like to reform their personality
  • suffer from anxiety because of an uncertain future or self-image, are in search of stability

The ideal target group for our service is the 16 to 36 age group

What is worth knowing about the process?

  • The process starts with a first consultation which is a 60 minute conversation that costs 5.999 Ft. The goal of this is the assessment of the patient’s condition and establishing goals. It is possible to have it online on Zoom or in person on Nagyvárad tér.
  • This will be followed by further appointed weekly sessions. These can happen in person or via Zoom and also have a timeframe of 60 minutes. The weekly, regular appointment is essential for the improvement of self-understanding. The monthly fee of the process is 29.999 Ft.
  • The goal, content, tempo, setting of the ending of these occasions depends on the individual. Some will want to make a certain idea reality, others will make discoveries and get deeper from month to month.

Integral Coaching

What do the Matrix, Tony Robbins and the Whole foods company have in common? All of them are the fruits of a philosophical movement.

Today we can get to know, practice and compare the psychology and spiritual model of all cultures in human history. In accordance with this era of global connectedness we need a model which includes all knowledge, is a coherent image of man in the information society. The integral theory and its direction represents this striving for completeness and can be linked to Ken Wilber, American author, philosopher, theoretical psychologist. This school of thought puts great emphasis on getting to know the nature and evolution of the consciousness, since every expression in our life and surroundings reflects the activity and development of the consciousness, the two shaping each other with the dynamic of the “chicken and the egg”.

So we carry with us the complete human evolution within our functioning, values and surroundings. New layers of consciousness have simply formed on one another during history, therefore the social, political, generational or internal tension we experience today are the off-key ambivalences of these functioning layers. The key to solving these ambivalences is synthesis. Imagine the tomato, lettuce, meat patty and bun arguing about who is better, while the essence of the hamburger is the unity of these. The Integral approach is a hamburger diet. The first school of psychology which devotes comprehensive attention to the whole spectrum of the development and transcending of the personality at the same time, a multi-course feast of the evolution of consciousness.

By today the integral model is known and applied in the fields of psychology, psychotherapy, personality development, spirituality, coaching , organisational development, management training, economics, politics, medicine, environmentalism and art.



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