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Functional orthodontics

Functional orthodontics
In recent years orthodontics has changed in a revolutionary way.

For a patient more treatment plans can be created, which very much differ from each other.

This raises the question of how the patient can find his way in this field? What should he have in mind when choosing a specialist? Which is the best method? To answer these questions, we need to know the exact treatment target and your needs.

Why has this specific tooth position developed?

A comprehensive approach in orthodontics has brought a significant change in recent times. The doctors had an important finding, according to which the position of the teeth is related to swallowing, breathing and the head and body posture.

How does this change orthodontics?

The above mentioned recognition sets a completely new light  on the orthodontic treatment and its types, means and goals; also re-defining the planning, the application of braces, thus the whole process.

Frequently asked questions

How can I decide which method suits me best?

Today it is not easy for patients to find their way in the subject of orthodontics. Not only that the essential element of orthodontics treatment is the brace, the success of the treatment will be influenced by numerous other factors.

Which are these factors?

  • Detailed consultationwith the specialist to define the patient’s needs. It is important to know the exact expectations, because based on that we can recommend the most appropriate brace.
  • Comprehensive professionalmedical examination
  • Individual treatment plan
  • Joint selection ofthe appropriate braces. It is our responsibility to provide detailed information to support the patient in the decision.

In most cases the patient may chose between a short invisible cosmetic treatment and a longer functional treatment, which is much more advantageous in terms of smile-aesthetic and general health. If the teeth are filled, decayed and their color or shape also makes the treatment necessary, a cosmetic treatment may be more adequate, or even aesthetic dentistry and the aplication of veneers.

However, there are many reasons for a more conservative orthodontic treatment. Orthodontic treatment is a medical service for which the patient makes their decision based on detailed information provided by the doctor. Information provided by the doctor should contain the treatment alternatives, benefits and risks of each treatment and also the potential consequences resulting from a lack of treatment. There are hundreds of different appliances and treatment methods. Moreover, there is a lack of a universal standard in the orthodontic profession.

In order to be able to compare different treatment options there have been new treatment categories introduced recently.

Cornerstones of the ideal procedure:

  • Expertise
  • Comprehensive,detailed consultation
  • Building a relationship of trust between doctor and patient
  • Tailor-made orthodontic treatment according to the patient’s individual needs.
What should I consider when selecting a specialist?

Orthodontic treatment is a medical procedure, based on mutual trust between doctor and patient. Equally important is the medical equipment, the expertise and patient-oriented attitude.

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