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Newest Innovation

Digital orthodontics with laser treatment

At our clinic we pay particular attention to make orthodontic treatments as comfortable as they can be. It is important that we minimalize the inconvenience and reduce possible pain caused by the treatment. We would like for our patients to have a pleasant experience instead of a struggle, as far as orthodontics is concerned.

The biological approach has become HermannOrtho’s trademark. The basis of our treatments is to achieve the perfect result with the least invasion and in the most natural way.

The effect of soft laser treatment has been internationally proven in reducing pain and enhancing recovery. Applying laser treatment is a new area to orthodontics. HermannOrtho is the first orthodontic surgery to use the effective Safe Laser device.

How can pain be reduced in orthodontics?

At first, the application of braces can cause unpleasantries for the patients. Some of them complained about pain, which is understandable, since the device impacts the denture. We have numerous options for reducing pain, however, the most natural one is the Soft Laser Treatment. Unlike medication, laser has no side-effects, because it helps the healing process in a biological way.

Did you know that laser treatment can accelerate orthodontics?

Many researches have confirmed that the regular usage of laser enhances the reconstruction of teeth, thus reduces the orthodontic treatment. Apart from the efficiency of medical laser, the real innovation of Safe Laser is eliminating the side-effects of high-impact lasers and it became safe to use at home, too.

How is laser treatment integrated into orthodontics?

  • After installing the device, we apply the laser immediately to the jaw bone and the gums. The laser beams enter into the deep tissues and produce their effects there. Due to biostimulation, it can immediately reduce possible pain and enhances regeneration of tissues.
  • The application os Safe Laser 500 Infra is totally harmless, and can be used without any age restrictions.
  • If our patients are willing to use laser during the whole treatment, they have the possibility to purchase the device at a reduced price.

What will you experience when using Safe Laser?

  • It significantly reduces pain and inflammation.
  • The intervention won’t burden your body.
  • The orthodontic treatment will be more convenient.
  • The orthodontic treatment will be shorter.

Frequently asked questions

How to use Safe Laser?

During the first weeks of treatment, it is best to use Safe Laser regularly: at least once a day. Illuminate the denture and gums for 4-5 minutes. In case of aching throughout the day, repeat treatment as often as you wish.

What do I have to know about Safe Laser?

Laser has been used for treatment in medicine for many years now.

The first laser device was presented in 1960 by American physicist Theodore Maiman at a press conference. In 1966, Prof. Endre Mester examined the physiological effect of soft laser. Laser, however, could have been used under strict safety instructions, and only at hospitalt. In 2012, Dr Károly Rózsa, professor of Hungarian Academy of Sciences, excellent chemist and laser physicist, achieved a breakthrough: he created and patented the safe soft laser device to use at home, the Safe Laser.

What is the difference between lasers at hospitals and Safe Laser?

The capacity of Safe Laser 500 Infra and other devices at hospitals are the same (30-500mW), however, thanks to its design, their use is completely harmless (our eyes are protected by special lenses). Safe Laser eliminates beams conically, so it treats a whole volume of cone. Therefore, it makes effective usage possible without accurate targeting.

Do hospitals use Safe Laser?

Naturally, yes, such as the following institutions:

  • National Medical Centre of the Hungarian Armed Forces (Physiotherapy)
  • John’s Hospital and the North Buda United Hospitals (Traumatology)
  • Uzsoki Hospital (Central ICU)
  • Buda Mercy Hospital (Orthopedics)
  • GMC International Continuing Medical Training Centre
  • Budapest Police Department (Department of Healthcare)
  • Rehabilitation centres, private doctors, clinics
What else can I use laser for?

Because of its biostimulation and cell regenerating effects, Safe Laser device can reduce symptoms in many other problems:

  • Musculosceletal pain, rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis
  • Joint problems (arthrosis)
  • Dermathology (allergies, dermatitis, acne, herpes, etc.)
  • Otorhinolaryngology (tinnitus, pain, inflammation)
  • Sports injuries (strain, tennis elbow, wound treatment)
  • Household accidents
  • Treating abscess
  • Post-surgery rehabilitation
Can infants use Safe Laser?

Naturally, the usage of the device is simple and harmless.

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