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Damon orthodontics

Orthodontics of light forces

Damon orthodontics
You want an orthodontic treatment without tooth extractions?

Have you already heard of the benefits of Damon orthodontics? Do you also want to enjoy the benefits of orthodontics of light forces during your treatment? See what the first user and implementer of Damon orthodontics in Hungary recommends!

This technique evolved at the beginning of the 2000s and had a major impact on international orthodontics. The name Dwight Damon became a symbol. Dr. Damon and the Ormco company developed the Damon braces family.

Special features of the Damon technology
  • A self-ligating bracket is applied on the teeth. In traditional brackets the bow is held by a separate fixing (rubber rings or wire fixation). Disadvantage is that the bow is that it presses against the brackets with higher force and the bow can move only with great friction. Whereas the bow slides more easily within Damon and other passive self-ligating brackets.  Accordingly, lighter forces are put on the teeth therefore the teeth are strained less.
  • Lower number of vsits at the practice. The objective to put less pressure on the teeth can be supported by other means too. In case of the Damon orthodontics you need to come to the practice less frequently compared to the traditional treatments. Apart from the convenience the other advantage is that the teeth are strained less.
  • Lighter forces. Thanks to these circumstances lighter forces are at work. Interestingly, we can still observe a faster shifting. Of course this also means a more comfortable treatment.

Treatment without tooth extraction. The big innovation of Damon orthodontics is that cases the traditional schools would solve with the help of tooth extraction can successfully be solved without tooth extraction by this method.

Important informations

The advantages of the Damon orthodontics
  • Treatment without tooth extractions
  • Less visits at the practice
  • Patient comfort
Which is the best method for adults?

Today it is not easy for patients to find their way in the subject of orthodontics. Not only that the essential element of orthodontics treatment is the brace, the success of the treatment will be influenced by numerous other factors.

What should I consider when selecting a specialist?

Orthodontic treatment is a medical procedure, based on mutual trust between doctor and patient. Equally important is the medical equipment, the expertise and patient-oriented attitude.

The history of Damon orthodontics

The technology began to conquer the world in the year 2003. In Hungary it was introduced in Pécs in 2004 at the conference of the Hungarian Orthodontologic Society within the lecture of Dr. Gábor Hermann.

There were many successful international conferences for users of Damon orthodontics. After several introductory and advanced training seminars, after the training of Dr. Gábor Hermann an increasing number of Damon users began to practice in Hungary. About the year 2008 several other schools attacked orthodontics treatments without tooth extraction. It is a fact that the unbroken growth subsided in popularity. After 2010 more and more braces with the characteristics of Damon brackets appeared on the market. Thus, the Damon orthodontics no longer belongs only to the Damon braces. The technique of the so-called passive self-ligating bracket (PSL) is already much more widespread.

The greatest advantage of Damon orthodontics is that it has proven that treatments with lighter forces are possible. The successfully accomplished and durable, beautiful case studies speak for themselves. The technique of passive self-ligating brackets has become a widely used method. Most cases can be resolved without extractions and many cases – which the traditional orthodontics would solve by using operations – can be treated with minimally invasive procedures.

Which is the best approach?
  • Detailed consultationwith the specialist to define the patient’s needs. It is important to know the exact expectations, because based on that we can recommend the most appropriate brace.
  • Comprehensive professionalmedical examination
  • Individual treatment plan
  • Joint selection ofthe appropriate braces. It is our responsibility to provide detailed information to support the patient in the decision.

In most cases the patient may chose between a short invisible cosmetic treatment and a longer functional treatment, which is much more advantageous in terms of smile-aesthetic and general health.

Cornerstones of the ideal procedure:

  • Expertise
  • Comprehensive,detailed consultation
  • Building a relationship of trust between doctor and patient
  • Tailor-made orthodontic treatment according to the patient’s individual needs.
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