For young and older children (aged 3-11)

Complex solution to complex problems

As a parent, have you wondered why your child’s teeth are crooked or how to avoid the development of crookedness? Have you ever thought about the connection between the position of teeth and your child needing speech therapy, having a sloppy posture, being excessively tired or having behavioural problems, learning difficulties or sleep issues? It may be surprising, but these complaints are actually related, and in the background there is such a complex system where the symptoms cannot effectively be treated individually, but in order to treat them successfully, the system needs to be in balance. Aiming at prevention or therapy, we deal with the causes in every case.

Childhood health-oriented treatment offers an effective solution

Our bodies work as a complex system, therefore medical complaints require complex treatments. We have created our special functional treatment package in this spirit. It offers an effective long-term solution to the problems mentioned above.

What does health-oriented treatment mean?

Complex functional treatments contain several modules. Apart from forming a nice, harmonious smile, switching the child from oral to nasal breathing, improving posture and training the perioral and swallowing muscles are also important elements. An important element of success is the neurological stabilization influencing the muscle tone of the body. The related consultation concerns diet and sleeping habits. Therefore, not only the smile will be beautiful, but the functions closely related to the position of teeth will also be resolved. This projects the result of a harmonious facial and dental development and a more permanent result of the treatment. Moreover, sleep quality improves which plays an important role in general health improvement.

Options for childhood health-oriented treatments

We find it important that everybody should find the optimal treatment package. During the consultation we offer detailed description on the following issues:

  • Private personal consultation at the Clinic
  • Private consultation online
  • Group consultation at the Clinic

Online, childhood health-oriented treatment

The distance from the Clinic, the lifestyle of the patient or even a pandemic can lead to comfort functions such as online treatment. Although not every medical or dental procedure makes online treatment possible, luckily, there are several options with childhood complex functional treatments. As we know, dental misalignment can have many causes, and several of the factors that can be addressed from a distance, thus online treatments can work very well. The first step is a personal consultation, because successful treatment requires detailed examination, so a visit to the diagnostic lab is inevitable. Later, however, there are the following options in the treatment:

  • We send exercise and therapeutic equipment by post
  • We hand out exercise videos
  • We organise online personal trainings
  • We offer support for the necessary changes in the lifestyle
  • We make distant measurements on sleep change
  • During online check-ups we monitor the development of teeth and bite, and send a new appliance once the old one has done its job.

The duration and structure of childhood complex functional treatment is similar to personal training. It needs to be emphasised that, in this case, following the recommendations on the exercises and lifestyle reform are crucially important.

What you need to know about childhood health-oriented treatment

  • The treatment takes 12-24 months. 
  • The treatment starts with a 3-month neurological stabilization programme. The exercises focus on balancing the cerebral hemispheres, but breathing is also very important. During this period, there are weekly sessions with the child, and there are weekly consultations with the parents via phone or Zoom. For this period the child is given a training appliance to practise which brings a visible change to the dentition.
  • After the neurological stabilization period, orthodontics and the second part of the functional training begins. Orthodontics involves monthly sessions, while the training requires weekly, then biweekly and monthly sessions.
  • The treating does not only involve restoration of the dentition. The treatment deals with the causes behind the position of the teeth, and the goal is achieving a beautiful smile and the improvement of general health.
  • For this, commitment is necessary, both from the child and the family. For reprogramming swallowing and breathing, home practice is essential.

What to do to undergo childhood health-oriented treatment

  1. Choose one of our consultation packages and come to the consultation. As part of the diagnostic package, you will receive questionnaires, then you will be invited for an assessment where X-ray images and complex photographic documentation are made together with digital dental imaging.
  2. During the private or group consultation, Dr Gábor Hermann / Dr. Rita Kocsis explains the exact details and possibilities of the treatment and answers all your questions. This will give you a basis to make up your mind about the treatment.
  3. The treatment starts at the next appointment.