COVID precautions and regulations in our office

Our office has been taking care of hygiene and patient safety for many years, however due to Covid-19 pandemic  we have introduced some extra measures. Please read this document carefully and follow our advice.

Please arrive in a mask that covers your mouth and nose and keep the mask on until your treatment starts. Please also know that:

  • We will check your body temperature at your arrival.
  • Please sanitize your hands at arrival. We have several contactless hand sanitizer dispensers available.
  • We would ask that if you (or the person accompanying you) have a new continuous cough, or any respiratory symtoms, like a sore throat, a high temperature (of 37.8 degrees or higher), have a loss of taste or smell, any unidentified dermatological symptoms or if you live with someone who has any symptom of COVID-19 or if you have been abroad in the last 14 days. If any of the answers is yes, please do not come to the clinic!
  • If you are over 18 and you have someone accompanying you, they should not enter the waiting area.
  • upon your arrival to the clinic, we will ask you to rinse your mouth with a 2% Hyperol solution. (The active ingredient in Hyperol is carbamide peroxide, a versatile disinfectant that uses the power of oxygen to destroy bacteria, viruses, fungi.)

the time spent waiting might increase due to sanitizing, but please arrive on time.

Preparation for the Diagnostic appointment

  • The length of the appointment is going to be cca 60-75 minutes. 
  • Please send all of the questionnaires by e-mail, filled completely before your appointment or bring them with you.
  • As part of the procedure we take facial and body pictures and we will also evaluate some movement patterns, so please be prepared that you will do some simple exercises. 
  • The most ideal clothing is the one in which you can move freely yet is not too loose when we take the body photos. Ideal body snapshots give a clear view of your body shape, shoulder, back and spine hip, leg shape. Most ideally we recommend trousers, jeans and for top a T-shirt, or underwear that follows body shape. Please note that long hair should be pinned up to make ears and neck visible.


We recommend the following  parking places near our office:

– parking lot at 71-89 Lajos street

– on the streets, there is a parking fee everywhere

– Új Udvar Bevásárlóközpont underground garage

See You soon!

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