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Numerous studies have shown that we feel better when we have an attractive smile. Orthodontics can contribute a lot to a beautiful smile.It is not only a cosmetic procedure, but an opportunity to raise our self-esteem.

Do you want to know what the relationship between the position of your teeth and your general health is?

Today we know a lot about these connections. An improperly performed treatment can have many side effects. However, orthodontics can also be carried out in a way that has the best effect on the entire body and thus also on health – both for adults and for children. An orthodontic treatment is also a functional medical procedure. Would you like to know what new treatment techniques the technological development has brought? This treatment is a different one.

Braces have developed significantly; a developed 3D technology works for a more comfortable and more precise treatment. Thanks to this, the invisible treatment is more widespread and therefore more popular.

Welcome to the age of digital orthodontics!

Modern orthodontics

Invisible orthodontics

The great classic of invisible orthodontic treatment is the method of the tongue side (so-called lingual) orthodontics. Developed in the 80s, the technology has made great progress, especially after 2000. Today we typically recommend digitally planned tongue side braces for complex cases, although simpler tongue side braces are applied in milder cases of crowded teeth. Today lingual braces are much smaller than before and therefore much more comfortable.

Another very well known and popular type of braces for invisible orthodontics are the so-called aligners. This is actually a brace family as an aligner can be produced in several different ways. For very simple cases aligners can also be made with manual preparation in the laboratory, while for more complex treatments the digital planning and manufacturing in 3D is typical. A classic of digital aligner is Invisalign, but there are already many similar products. HermannOrtho as Hungary’s largest digital orthodontic laboratory provides its own aligner products under the name MyClearBrace which are applied in several European countries.

Furthermore, many additional braces are considered invisible, although these are usually used in preparation for one of the above mentioned methods.

Digital orthodontics

The biggest change in modern orthodontics is that gradually almost everything is produced on a digital basis. The more serious braces are virtually planned and prepared based on a 3D scan of the mouth or pattern. HermannOrtho is internationally one of the most advanced digital practices. The lingual braces, as well as the digital aligners are created digitally.

Functional orthodontics

Functional Orthodontics – tooth position, the ratio of the jawbone, the bite associated with such important life functions as swallowing or breathing. In addition, the head, neck and body posture is very much related to the position of teeth. Any treatment that leaves these connections out of consideration harbors more likely side effects, longer and more intense treatments or may end with the rapid regression of the result.

HermannOrtho Professional Orthodontics

Dr. Gábor Hermann is an internationally recognized orthodontic specialist.

HermannOrtho Professional Orthodontics
Changes of orthodontic treatment possibilities

He regularly holds lectures on conferences abroad on the changes of orthodontic treatment possibilities. As an international expert in the development of orthodontics he has defined new categories, such as the cosmetic orthodontics and modern functional orthodontics . Part of the modern, functional approach is a product family of braces, which is currently applied in Hungary solely by him.

His practice

Since 2004 the name Doctor Hermann connects to the so-called orthodontics of light forces. The braces are manufactured in the own digital laboratory of HermannOrtho practice. Doctor Hermann developed one of the world’s most advanced combined programme for swallowing, breathing and posture correction, the Dsmile BodyBalance Training.  As the first official user of Invisalign in Hungary Dr. Gábor Hermann introduced the digital aligner treatments. He is the only active Hungarian member of the World Society of Lingual Orthodontics (WSLO).

International events

2016 November 10. : Lyon, France

  • The modern, digital and functional orthodontics

2016 October 20-22.: Bucharest, Romania

  • Changes of digital orthodontics

2016 October 14.: Budapest, Hungary

  • Dental World Exhibition

2016 September 29- October 2.: Salzburg, Austria

  • CMF International Meeting

2016 September 15-17.: Arizona, USA

  • AAPMD Airway Summit

2016 June 16-19.: Torino, Italy

  •  IFUNA Conference

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If you recommend HermannOrtho Professional Orthodontics to your friends or colleagues and they start an orthodontic treatment in our office, we present you with an Oral-B electric toothbrush.

HermannOrtho Professional Orthodontics

3 Dimension Guarantee from HermannOrtho

HermannOrtho Professional Orthodontics
100% PriceGuarantee

We give a 100% PriceGuarantee on our treatments.

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Our 100% ComfortGuarantee means that any time you need to have your braces fixed you can visit us out of turn.

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We will always do our best to see you promptly. However if you have to wait, for each 30 minutes you waited past your arranged appointment time, we offer you a coupon. The coupon’s value is 5000 HUF. You can use it for professional teeth cleaning or whitening.

Our emphasized services

24-hour telephone contact

We ensure a 24-hour telephone contact.

Smile Taxi

Our Smile Taxi service is a great help for busy parents. We gladly undertake to bring your child to the orthodontic treatment after school, so you only have to pick them up at the end of the treatment. Our Smile Taxi service is available if at the same time there are at least 3 children from the same school.

Point Collecting programme

Our Point Collecting programme gives children opportunity to change/convert their points into presents.

HermannOrtho Professional Orthodontics

Success stories

HermannOrtho Professional Orthodontics
Alexandra Béres

“I already had an orthodontic treatment in my childhood, but unfortunately the expected result was not achieved. After a few years I still had the feeling of malposition and decided to go for another treatment. Since I am a well known person, a visible clip would have been very disturbing. From Dr. Gábor Hermann I first heard of invisible braces. After the consultation, I realized that this is something that would work for me. My orthodontic treatment was recently finished and I am very happy with the result. “

Kerstin Sekimoto

After my previous orthodontic treatment some incisors moved back. Because of my job, a nice smile and attractive teeth are very important, but I can not wear visible braces. I am very happy that there are such comfortable, invisible braces that help me getting back my smile.

Zsuzsanna Dallos

Because of my bad bite my front teeth have pushed more and more apart in the last time and unfortunately also the condition of the tooth bed has deteriorated. When I decided to go for the treatment, not many have believed that this can still be successful at my age. Since then about one year has passed and there are real miracles. After a few unpleasant days the orthodontic treatment was rather a pleasure. The change was visible from week to week. In my area, more and more people claimed that I was getting back my smile.

Anett Bálizs

It is a great pleasure for me that I can confidently smile again, thanks to the professional team of HermannOrtho! I love visiting your practice, as I am greeted by a pleasant family atmosphere and you have always a smile on your faces. Thanks to all of you for your patience, kindness and incredible professionalism.  I will be eternally grateful to you!

Ági Soltész

I was very desperate and I turned as a last resort to the practice because all previous orthodontists sent me away, saying that in my case it was already too late for a treatment or tit would be involved with pulling several teeth, surgery and a long wearing time for braces. I was in despair, but then I found on the Internet the website of HermannOrtho and decided to give it one more try. Already the initial consultation was completely different from the previous ones. Everybody was friendly, tried to calm me and looked after me; finally, a treatment plan was drawn up, at first I could not believe it. Since then 1,5 years have passed and my teeth are in order – without any pulling or surgery. Moreover, the brace was not visible in most of the treatment time. The calming atmosphere of the practice, the informal atmosphere and the attention I had never experienced before contributed a lot. I am very grateful for all this and recommend practice to everyone, because there nothing is impossible!

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